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Air first enters your respiratory system through your ______.
a) nostrils
b) throat
c) epiglottis
d) alveoli

The opening to the trachea is the ______.
a) glottis
b) epiglottis
c) bronchi
d) alveoli

The voice box, found in the upper part of the windpipe containing the vocal cords, is the ______.
a) larynx
b) pharynx
c) trachea
d) bronchi

The two main branches of trachea which enter the lungs is the ______.
a) bronchi
b) alveoli
c) bronchioles
d) epiglottis

The smallest air tubes which enter lungs lined with cartilage is the ______.
a) bronchioles
b) alveoli
c) trachea
d) pharynx

The site of respiratory gas exchange by diffusion is the ______.
a) alveoli
b) bronchioles
c) bronchi
d) larynx

This disorder results when the alveoli fills with fluids and mucus resulting in coughing and breathing difficulties.
a) pneumonia
b) asthma
c) emphysema
d) bronchitis

This disorder results when the bronchioles contract due to a reaction to an external substance.
a) asthma
b) pneumonia
c) emphysema
d) bronchitis

This disorder results when air sacs lose elasticity and breakdown resulting in loss of respiratory surface of lungs.
a) emphysema
b) pneumonia
c) asthma
d) bronchitis

What happens to the diaphragm when we breathe in?
a) moves downward
b) pushes upward
c) relaxes
d) stays still

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