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Which of the below is not part of a euglenoid's structure?
a) Cell wall
b) One or two flagella
c) Eyespot (light detector)
d) Rigid and flexible membrane

What are dinoflagellates known for?
a) Spinning motion due to perpendicular flagella
b) Some are plankton (phytoplankton)
c) Their bioluminescence
d) Overpopulation leading to red tide

What are diatoms most known for?
a) glass-like (silicon) cell walls
b) ability to float (food stored as oil)
c) diatomaceous earth
d) geometric shapes (2 halves)

Why aren't seaweeds a staple food?
a) Has rare sugars that we can't digest
b) Is a large, multi-cellular marine algae
c) Is slimy and rubbery
d) Is used for thickener, cosmetics, paints, and cushions wave damage

-- algae has holdfasts, is the most complex algae, and includes kelp
a) Brown
b) Red
c) Green
d) All of the above

-- algae can into the deepest waters and includes coralline algae
a) Red
b) Brown
c) Green
d) All of the above

-- algae are sexual and asexual, can form chains, has cellulose cell wals, and includes chlamydomonas
a) Green
b) Red
c) Brown
d) All of the above

-- describes how prokaryotes' plasma membrane evolved into eukaryotes' organelles to have more functions
a) Infolding
b) Endosymbiosis
c) Evolution
d) Classification

-- describes how smaller aerobic organisms were eaten and continued to function in larger animals
a) Endosymbiosis
b) Classification
c) Infolding
d) Evolution

Which green algae is colonial?
a) Volvux
b) Chlamydomonas
c) Ulva
d) Archaeplastida

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