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Where does digestion start?
a) mouth
b) esophagus
c) stomach
d) small intestine

What is the flap that blocks the windpipe as you swallow?
a) epiglottis
b) liver
c) pancreas
d) pharynx

Which of the following is not used by the stomach for digestion?
a) insulin
b) hydrochloric acid
c) pepsin
d) muscle contractions

What organ produces bile and aids in detoxification?
a) liver
b) gallbladder
c) pancreas
d) kidneys

What organ stores bile?
a) gallbladder
b) pancreas
c) kidneys
d) kidneys

This part of the digestive system focuses on absorption and further breakdown with the help of the pancreas.
a) small intestines
b) large intestines
c) stomach
d) esophagus

This part of the digestive system removes water from undigested material and houses bacterial colonies that produce Vitamin K.
a) large intestines
b) small intestines
c) stomach
d) esophagus

Which disorder results in production of very little insulin and is typically diagnosed in children.
a) type 1 diabetes
b) type 2 diabetes
c) peptic ulcer
d) intestinitis

Which disorder leads to problems in the lining of the stomach or small intestine?
a) peptic ulcer
b) type 1 diabetes
c) type 2 diabetes
d) vegito ingestion

Which disorder results in insulin resistance developed overtime and is linked to obesity?
a) type 2 diabetes
b) type 1 diabetes
c) peptic ulcer
d) intestinitis

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