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What is the purpose of the bones in the middle ear?
a) amplify sound
b) hold up the ear
c) protect eardrum
d) muffle sound

The transparent portion of the sclera is called the ______.
a) cornea
b) ciliary body
c) choroid
d) retina

The light sensitive cells of the eye that pick up light waves is called the ______.
a) retina
b) iris
c) cornea
d) rods

Which of the following structures found in the eye results in our blind spot?
a) optic nerve
b) retina
c) sclera
d) cones

If a person can only clearly see near objects, they have ______.
a) nearsightedness
b) farsightedness
c) astigmatism
d) colorblindness

If a person can only clearly see faraway objects, they have ______.
a) farsightedness
b) nearsightedness
c) astigmatism
d) colorblindness

If the cornea is curved asymmetrical with unfocused images, this results in ______.
a) astigmatism
b) nearsightedness
c) farsightedness
d) colorblindness

If certain cones in the retina of the eye malfunction, this can lead to ______.
a) colorblindness
b) nearsightedness
c) farsightedness
d) astigmatism

The ringing of the ears is also called ______.
a) tinnitus
b) titus
c) retrovirus
d) ringitus

This typically results in children when microbes travel up the throat to the middle ear.
a) ear infection
b) tinnitus
c) earitus
d) medullitis

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