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Which of the following is not one of the basic three functions of nerves?
a) Process
b) Receive
c) Transmit
d) Stimulate

Which of the following is not a special characteristic of neurons?
a) short life span
b) longevity
c) do not divide
d) high metabolic rate

At rest, the inside of a neuron’s membrane has ______.
a) a negative charge
b) a positive charge
c) a neutral charge
d) different charges

The junction between two communicating neurons is called ______.
a) synapse
b) neuromuscular junction
c) nervous junction
d) axon terminal

This is the term for a chemical that is released at the gap to signal the next neuron.
a) neurotransmitter
b) axon
c) myelin
d) neurotranslocator

This neurotransmitter stimulates muscle contraction.
a) acetylcholine
b) monoamine
c) dopamine
d) endorphins

This neurotransmitter reduces pain and inhibits receptors.
a) endorphin
b) dopamine
c) serotonin

This neurotransmitter affects sleepiness and mood.
a) serotonin
b) norepinephrine
c) dopamine
d) acetylcholine

This neurotransmitter provides a sense of feeling good; low levels lead to depression.
a) dopamine
b) norepinephrine
c) serotonin

This is a quick, automatic response that may only involve a few nerve cells.
a) reflex
b) arc
c) autonomic
d) impulse

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