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Biology Nervous System.[print questions]

Which of the following is not 1 of the 3 basic functions of the nervous system?
a) regulative
b) sensory
c) integrative
d) motor

The brain and the spinal cord are part of which system?
a) central nervous system
b) peripheral nervous system
c) autonomic nervous system
d) somatic nervous system

The support cells for neurons in the central nervous system are called ______.
a) glial cells
b) schwann cells
c) myelin
d) basal ganglion

This protects the brain from infection and forms a tight seal.
a) blood brain barrier
b) immuno-cranial system
c) meninges
d) glue

Which of the following conducts nerve signals the fastest?
a) myelinated nerve cells
b) unmyelinated nerve cells
c) grey matter
d) nerve with axon lacking myelin sheath

Which of the following systems contain motor neurons that we have control over?
a) somatic nervous system
b) autonomic nervous system
c) sympathetic nervous system
d) parasympathetic nervous system

Which of the following would not be a response of the sympathetic division?
a) blood pressure decreases
b) pupils dilate
c) pain decreases
d) respiratory rate increases

Which of the following would not be a response of the parasympathetic division?
a) pupils dilate
b) increase in digestion
c) heart rate drops
d) slowing energy usage in body

The sympathetic division is also known as ______.
a) Fight or Flight
b) Rest Digest
c) Fast Slow
d) Mean Lean

The parasympathetic division is also known as ______.
a) Rest Digest
b) Fight or Flight
c) Fast Slow
d) Mean Lean

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