Samuels BIO Muscular System I Question Preview (ID: 31653)

Biology Muscular System I. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which type of muscle is involved in moving the skeleton?
a) skeletal muscle
b) cardiac muscle
c) smooth muscle
d) structural muscle

Which type of muscle consists of short, wide cells and are specialized for slow, prolonged contractions?
a) smooth muscle
b) skeletal muscle
c) structural muscle
d) cardiac muscle

Which type of muscle is designed to operate without tiring and is found only in the heart?
a) cardiac muscle
b) smooth muscle
c) skeletal muscle
d) structural muscle

Muscle that enlarge undergo ______.
a) hypertrophy
b) atrophy
c) disentrophy
d) dysentery

Muscle that break down undergo ______.
a) atrophy
b) hypertrophy
c) disentrophy
d) dysentery

Repeating protein fibers that make up myofibrils in muscles are called ______.
a) sarcomeres
b) centromeres
c) centrosomes
d) sacrosomes

Which type of fiber contains many mitochondria and myoglobin and is used for endurance?
a) red fiber
b) white fiber
c) grey matter
d) white matter

Which type of fiber contains few mitochondria and myoglobin but fatigue easily?
a) white fiber
b) red fiber
c) grey matter
d) white matter

Nerve cells that trigger muscle contractions are called ______.
a) motor neurons
b) glial cells
c) schwann cells
d) basal ganglia

This principle states that muscle fibers either contract or not at all, muscle cells do not partially contract.
a) All or Nothing Principle
b) Sometimes Maybe Principle
c) Use It or Lose It Principle
d) Positive Contraction Principle

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