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mineral that contains silicon and oxygen
a) nonsilicate
b) density
c) silicate
d) hardness

most visible property, but less reliable way to identify minerals
a) texture
b) streak
c) color
d) denisty

What determins the geometry of a large crystal (its shape)
a) its internal crystalline structure
b) basalt
c) color
d) texture

Why is basalt not considered a mineral
a) it is much to heavy
b) it does not have a consistent chemical composition
c) it is man made
d) it is organic

single chain silicates are silicate crystalline structures in which tetrahedra form a
a) chain by sharing oxygen atoms
b) ring by sharing silicon atoms
c) chain by sharing carbon atoms
d) ring by sharing oxygen atoms

What is radioactivity?
a) another form of magnetism
b) stable atomic nuclei decay over time, releasing particles and energy
c) unstable atomic nuclei decay over time, releasing particles and energy
d) contamination of organisms and minerals

Flourescence is the property of a mineral that causes it to
a) become chatoyant under phosphorescent light
b) glow after ulraviolet light is turned off
c) develop asterism under ultraviolet light
d) glow under ultraviolet light

a double chain silicate is
a) a double ring of silicon atoms
b) double the silicon atoms
c) two bonded single chains
d) a framework crystalline structure

Which of the following is NOT one of the 4 criteris for determining if a substance is a mineral or not
a) it is inorganic
b) it has a consistent chemical composition
c) it occurs naturally
d) it has a shiny surface

Which are nonsillicate cystalline structures?
a) cubes, hexagonal prisms, irregular masses
b) quartz, framework, cubes
c) pyramid, tetrahedra, ring
d) tetrahedra, isolated, chains

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