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a mineral is a natural solid that usually is. . .
a) inorganic, with uncharacteristic physical properties
b) inorganic, with characteristic physical properties
c) organic, with characteristic physical properties
d) organic, with uncharacteristic physical properties

cleavage is the tendency of a mineral to
a) split jaggedly, forming irregular surfaces
b) break unevenly with surfaces that are irregular
c) split along specific planes, forming flat surfaces
d) break suddenly and without warning

Light that is reflected from a mineral's surface is called
a) streak
b) luster
c) radioactivity
d) refraction

What is asterism
a) Cast's eye shape appears when a mineral reflects light
b) six-sided star shape appears when a mineral reflects light
c) circular shape appears when a mineral reflects light
d) square shape appears when a mineral reflects light

tendency of a mineral to break and form uneven, irregular surfaces is....
a) fracture
b) color
c) cleavage
d) luster

way that a mineral reflects light is....
a) fracure
b) color
c) cleavage
d) luster

organic solid with characteristic chemical composition and physical properties
a) mineral
b) color
c) hardness
d) luster

ability of a mineral to resist scratching
a) streak
b) hardness
c) density
d) silicate

4 oxygen atoms and 1 silicon atom combine to form this basic building block of silicate minerals
a) silicon oxygen tetrahedron
b) silicon carbon tetrahedron
c) silicon oxygen octagon
d) silicon bicarbonate

ratio of a substance;s mass to its volume
a) hardness
b) density
c) silicate
d) streak

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