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Density is the ratio of . . .
a) the volume of a substance to the mass of a substance
b) the mass of a substance to the hardness of the substance
c) the mass of a substance to the weight of the substance
d) the mass of the substance to the volume of the substance

A phosphorescent mineral glows
a) at all times
b) after a flourescent light is turned on
c) in ultraviolet light
d) after an ultraviolet light is turned off.

What mineral property involves iron
a) density
b) magnetism
c) refraction
d) radioactivity

the color of a mineral in powdered form is called the mineral's . . .
a) fracture
b) cleavage
c) streak
d) luster

What are the two main groups of minerals?
a) silicate and nonsilicate
b) rock-forming and powder
c) carbonate and silicate
d) metallic and nonmetallic

The hardest mineral on the Mohs hardness scale is
a) flourite
b) magnetism
c) diamond
d) gypsum

Because many minerals are similar in color, and certain elements may change the color, color
a) is stable
b) is the best identifier
c) is a restrictive property
d) is not a good identifier

What is chatoyancy?
a) bouyancy
b) mineral shows a metallic luster
c) mineral shows a cats-eye effect
d) mineral shows a nonmetallic luster

Unstable atomic nuclei decay over time into stable nuclei, causing a mineral to be
a) radioactive
b) an ion
c) phosphorescent
d) flourescent

What two elements must be present in a silicate?
a) silicon and carbon
b) silicon an oxygen
c) silicon and quartz
d) silicon and sodium

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