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Protists are -- complex than eukaryotes (function # per cell #)
a) more
b) less
c) just as
d) not as

Which is a type of protist?
a) Protozoa (zooflagellates, amoebas, formas, ciliates, apicomplexans)
b) Fungus-like (plasmodial/cellular slime molds, water molds, downy mildews)
c) Algae (euglenoids, dinoflagellates, diatoms, seaweeds)
d) All of the above

Protozoan zooflagellatesmove by -- and reproduce by --
a) flagella, binary fission
b) cilia, binary fission
c) flagella, mitosis
d) cilia, mitosis

Forams and amoebas both had -- which could engulf, digest, and form any shape
a) pseudopodia
b) porous shells
c) cilia
d) apical complex

-- have a microtubular macronucleus for functions, up to 80 micronuclei for reproduction, and cilia to move and feed
a) ciliates
b) zooflagellates
c) apicomplexans
d) amoebas

-- are parasites that can't move and has an apical complex, like malaria
a) apicomplexans
b) zooflagellates
c) ciliates
d) amoebas

-- are large and branching that becomes plasmodium, sporangia, and a spore
a) Plasmodial slime molds
b) Cellular slime molds
c) Downy mildews
d) Water molds

Cellular slime mold's life cycle moves from a single haploid cell that fuses into a diploid -- that forms a -- that makes haploid --
a) zygote, colony, spores
b) cell, spore, colonies
c) spore, colony, zygotes
d) colony, spore, cells

-- decompose plants/animals in freshwater and create spores with 2 flagella
a) Water molds
b) Downy mildews
c) Cellular slime molds
d) Plasmodial slime molds

Which of the below is a protozoan?
a) Apicomplexan
b) Plasmodial slime mold
c) Water molds
d) Downy mildews

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