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What is the easiest way to be sure you have selected all of the content related to a specific tag?
a) Click the Select button in the Common Insert panel.
b) Click and drag with your cursor to highlight the content.
c) Click the tag in the Tag Selector.
d) Use the Select All option in the Main menu.

Which method can be used to create a hyperlink?
a) Use the Point to File function.
b) Use the Browse for File function in the Properties panel.
c) Use the Hyperlink button in the Common Insert panel.
d) Any of these methods work.

Organizing links of a Web site to support usability is a simple application of a science called __________.
a) information architecture
b) hyperlinks
c) flowcharts
d) Web science

The terms __________ and __________ are used to describe hierarchical relationships between pages in a Web site.
a) Brother/sister
b) Master/servant
c) Parent/child
d) Queen/king

You can press __________ to refresh the file list in the Files panel.
a) F2
b) F3
c) F4
d) F5

What is the result of changing a file name in the Files panel?
a) The file name is changed; nothing else happens.
b) Dreamweaver identifies all links to the new file name and asks if you want to update those links.
c) Hyperlinks in other pages are automatically changed in all other pages in the site.
d) The changed file is automatically moved to the top of the list in the Files panel.

When you move files within a site, you should always move them __________.
a) on your desktop
b) in the Files panel
c) in Adobe Bridge
d) on the testing server

When managing a new site in Dreamweaver, the site name __________.
a) must be the same as the URL
b) must include the word “index”
c) cannot include “illegal” characters such as a space
d) can be anything because it is only used inside of Dreamweaver

What is the standard file-naming convention for the home page of a Web site, or for the default page of a specific folder?
a) main.html
b) home.html
c) index.html
d) Anything you want to name it

When you select an existing folder in the Files panel before creating a new folder, the new folder is created __________.
a) below the selected folder
b) above the selected folder
c) inside the selected folder
d) on your desktop

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