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begins in the nucleus of an infected cell
a) Retrovirus life cycle
b) Lytic cycle
c) Lysogenic cycle
d) Animal virus cycle

formation of biological viruses during the infection process
a) Virus reproduction
b) Animal virus life cycle
c) Reverse transcriptase
d) AIDS life cycle

What is so deadly about AIDS?
a) it attacks the immune system
b) it goes through reverse transcriptase
c) it causes HIV
d) it only reacts to vaccines

Which is not true of vaccines?
a) their role can be shared with drugs
b) they're deactivated/small pathogens
c) they're not good with fast mutating strains like the flu
d) they help the immune system create defense against the real pathogen

What is different about RNA viruses?
a) doesn't react to antibiotics
b) also called retrovirus
c) only reacts to vaccines
d) All of the above

What is so unique about an animal virus's life cycle?
a) virus's DNA joins the host's
b) virus's DNA remains dormant in the host
c) virus's DNA is only released in high stress
d) virus is reproduced

What happens in the lysogenic cycle that doesn't happen in the lytic cycle?
a) virus's genes mix with host's DNA
b) the host explodes to release new viruses
c) the virus enters the host
d) the virus merges with the host's membrane

In the --, the virus injects its DNA into the host to be copied then the viruses assemble to copy further until the host bursts
a) lytic cycle
b) lysogenic cycle
c) retrovirus's life cycle
d) animal virus's life cycle

Which isn't part of a virus's structure?
a) cell wall
b) DNA or RNA
c) protein coat
d) outer membrane (to merge with host)

virus that has RNA (ribonucleic acid) as its genetic material
a) RNA virus
b) Vaccine
c) Bacteriophage
d) Animal virus

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