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This Is A Quiz Designed To Have You Make Inferences.[print questions]

Katie was roller skating and the staff wouldn't let her in. She looked through the window of the entrance and saw it was packed with balloons, banners, and tons of little kids. Why wasn't she allowed in?
a) There was a lot of free stuff being handed out
b) There was a little kid's birthday party
c) Katie was being rude
d) They were scared of Katie

Murphy was feeding his dog Tara dog treats. He gave her one, and she took it, and then spit it back out and would m=not eat it. Why wouldn't she eat the treats?
a) Tara was too skinny to eat anymore
b) Tara was too hungry to eat
c) Tara needed to get sleep
d) Tara didn't like the treat

Charlene was getting soda from a soft drink machine. She went to go get root beer and she pushed the lever but nothing came out. What happened to the root beer?
a) There is none left
b) It got too fizzy
c) There was too much
d) It got to thick

John was driving on the highway. After a while, his car made a sputtering noise and slowly came to a stop. What happened to John's car?
a) It was killed
b) It didn't feel well
c) It was sick
d) It ran out of gas

Samantha wasn't feeling good on Monday. On Tuesday, she wasn't at school. Why wasn't she at school?
a) She was tired
b) She's sick
c) She doesn't want to see the teacher
d) She is bored of school

Marcus was reading his library book. Weeks passed, and he was called to the library. I heard him say the book is overdue. What happened to the book?
a) Marcus was bored
b) Marcus doesn't like reading
c) Marcus lost it
d) Marcus is tired of books

Joana was writing on her computer case. She then got called up to the front desk by the teacher. She came back looking sad and regretful. Why was she looking this way?
a) Joana was sad because her cat died
b) Joana was regretful that she killed her pet fish
c) Joana was mad that her mom was mean to her
d) Joana got in trouble for drawing on her computer case and she regrets dong it

Susie was playing very roughly with her chrome book, and later that day her friends saw her in the office. They heard the principal say that she shouldn't have been swinging it around in the first place. What happened to Susie?
a) She broke her chrome book
b) Her chrome book was fixed
c) Her chrome book died
d) She charged her chrome book.

Shianne was dancing at her studio, when she fell and was crying. She led early. What happened?
a) Shianne's dance was bad
b) Shianne was mad
c) Shianne hurt herself
d) Shianne was happy

Carly was looking out he window when a bird suddenly fell to the ground. What happened to the bird?
a) It died
b) It was excited
c) It was cold
d) It felt weird

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