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German monk responsible for the start of the Protestant Reformation
a) Erasmus
b) Martin Luther
c) Pope Urban II
d) Henry the VIII

Ideas of the Reformation spread quickly because of
a) Revolts
b) its positive message
c) Printing Press
d) Priest preaching its word

For people of 1500s salvation meant
a) getting to heaven
b) having enough food
c) being protected from invaders
d) having a lot of saliva

Martin Luther believe what was the key to salvation
a) following the teachings of the Catholic church
b) listening to the Pope
c) performing good deeds
d) Faith alone

According to Martin Luther priest were
a) needed for spiritual guidence
b) never wrong
c) extremely important in spreading th emessage of Jesus
d) made up office holders

Henry VIII separated from the Roman Catholic church because
a) he wanted a divorce
b) he believed in the teachings of Martin Luther
c) the Pope excommunicated him
d) he believed the CHurch cursed him to keep him from having a son

Which of the following is NOT a true immediate impact of the Reformation
a) Catholic Church make reforms
b) Many new Christian religions form
c) Peasant revolts against leaders
d) Peace among various religious groups

Name of the official document challenging the Church
a) 95 THeses
c) The Great Folly
d) Reformation

The final authority of religious matters according to Luther
a) God
b) Bible
c) Pope

Which is NOT a POLITICAL effect of the Reformation?
a) Kings gained lands back from the church
b) Wars between Catholic and Protestant nations
c) Literacy increased

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