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Physical Science Resistance.[print questions]

Materials through which current flows easily are called ____.
a) conductors
b) insulators
c) resistors
d) reductors

Materials that do not allow electrons to flow easily are called ___.
a) insulators
b) conductors
c) resistor
d) reductors

The amount an object prevents current from flowing is
a) resistance
b) voltage
c) current
d) flow

Which of the following is the most important factor that affects current flow?
a) type of material
b) diameter of conductor
c) length of conductor
d) temperature of conductor

A material that allows current to flow with no resistance and no friction, but currently has to be at a really low temperature to work.
a) superconductor
b) superinsulator
c) superrisistor
d) supereductor

What is the equation for ohm's law?
a) V = IR
b) P = VI
c) O = VC
d) R = DT

What is a device added to a circuit to increase resistance?
a) resistor
b) capacitor
c) load
d) conductor

Which of the following would not be a conductor?
a) plastic
b) iron
c) aluminum
d) salt water

Which of the following would not be an insulator?
a) copper
b) rubber
c) glass
d) dry wood

The SI unit for resistance is ______.
a) ohm
b) volt
c) ampere
d) watt

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