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How is metamorphic rock created?
a) temperature and pressure
b) squeezed together
c) chemicals
d) melted then cooled and hardened

How is sedimentary rock formed?
a) layers are squeezed together
b) chemicals
c) melted then cooled and hardened
d) by temperature and pressure

What are the three types of rocks?
a) igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic
b) igneous, mineral, and fossil
c) indigo, mineral, and lava
d) igneous, sedimentary, and sandstone

What are rocks made of?
a) A rock is a naturally formed solid made of one or more minerals.
b) A rock is the soft part of the plant and can easily be destroyed.
c) A rock is a fossil.
d) A rock is formed from sand and soil.

How is igneous rock formed?
a) melted then cooled and hardened
b) chemicals
c) squeezed together
d) temperature and pressure

What are minerals made of?
a) Minerals are solid, formed in nature, and have never been alive.
b) Minerals are made of two or more rocks.
c) Minerals are fossils.
d) Minerals are made from beautiful jewelry.

What is the Mohs Scale?
a) tells the hardness of a mineral
b) identifies the color of a mineral
c) measures how much a minerals weighs
d) tells how much the minerals costs

Three different tests used to identify a mineral are:
a) hardness, color, streak
b) color, weight, density
c) streak, hardness, texture
d) texture, color, name

What are the remains of a living thing that died long ago?
a) fossil
b) mineral
c) cavity
d) rock

What is a rock cycle?
a) Process of rocks changing from one kind of rock to another kind of rock.
b) Recycling rocks into minerals.
c) A way to study the formation and composition of rocks.
d) A type of test to identify the mineral.

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