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Which of the following planets does not have a magnetic field?
a) Venus
b) Saturn
c) Jupiter
d) Neptune

An imaginary circle around the earth halfway between the magnetic poles is the ________.
a) magnetic equator
b) magnetocline
c) prime meridian
d) isogonic line

What is the stream of charged particles that emanates from the sun called?
a) solar wind
b) cosmic radiation
c) magnetopause
d) Van Allen stream

The amount by which a compass needle deviates from true north is the angle of _______.
a) declination
b) incination
c) deflection
d) northern dip

Which scientist was the first to propose that earth has a magnetic field?
a) William Gilbert
b) Thales of Miletus
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) Otto von Guericke

The extent of a planet's magnetic field in space is known as a _________.
a) magnetosphere
b) magnetopause
c) magnetocline
d) agonic line

The donut shaped belts of high-speed particles trapped in Earth’s magnetic field are the ______.
a) Van Allen radiation belts
b) solar wind
c) cosmic radiation
d) magnetopause

The southern lights are known as aurora _________.
a) australis
b) borealis
c) orientalis
d) westeros

What is the aurora phenomenon caused by?
a) high speed particles crashing into the upper atmosphere
b) firefly mating season
c) solar wind bringing fire into the upper atmosphere
d) electric charges becoming visible in the upper atmosphere

What causes the Earth’s magnetic field?
a) molten core moving
b) core of copper
c) particles around the earth are magnetic
d) solar wind makes the earth disproportionately charged

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