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What type of magnetic material is weak and has no unpaired electrons?
a) diamagnetic
b) paramagnetic
c) ferromagnetic
d) monomagnetic

What type of magnetic material has several unpaired electrons and is strongly attracted to magnets?
a) ferromagnetic
b) diamagnetic
c) paramagnetic
d) monomagnetic

What type of magneti has one unpaired electron as is weakly attracted to magnets?
a) paramagnetic
b) diamagnetic
c) ferromagnetic
d) monomagnetic

A substance that forms a temporary magnet and has domain that are easily aligned is:
a) magnetically soft
b) magnetically hard
c) magnetically negative
d) magnetically positive

A substance that forms permanent magnet and has domains that strongly resist change in direction is:
a) magnetically hard
b) magnetically soft
c) magnetically negative
d) magnetically positive

Steel needles can become magnetic after being rubbed by a magnet. This is magnetization by:
a) contact
b) induction
c) electricity
d) diffraction

If a substance is made into a magnet by having their electrons aligned when it is brought close to a strong magnet. This is magnetization by:
a) induction
b) electricity
c) diffraction
d) contact

Magnetic fields are created when electrons spin or move. This is magnetization by:
a) electricity
b) contact
c) induction
d) diffraction

Coiling a wire around a material like iron to create a magnetic field with electricity will make a(n):
a) electromagnet
b) diamagnet
c) ornament
d) permanent magnet

Which of the following is NOT a way to demagnetize a magnet?
a) submerging it in water
b) hitting it with a hammer
c) heating it (a lot)
d) storing magnets with like pole facing each other

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