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These are low frequency waves used mostly for communication over long distances.
a) radio waves
b) microwaves
c) x-rays
d) infrared waves

Which of the following uses the highest frequency radio waves?
a) cell phones
b) shortwave radio
c) long-wave radio
d) FM radio

When you heat up food, like popcorn, in that electrical box in your house, you are using _____.
a) microwaves
b) infrared waves
c) UV radiation
d) radio waves

This uses radio or microwaves to measure distance and direction of faraway objects
a) radar
b) x-rays
c) gamma rays
d) lasers

These are the electromagnetic waves given off due to heat.
a) infrared waves
b) microwaves
c) UV radiation
d) lasers

These electromagnetic waves are found in between 400 THz and 800 THz.
a) visible light
b) laser
c) x-rays
d) FM radio

This is used to sterilize medical equipment.
a) UV radiation
b) X-rays
c) gamma rays
d) microwaves

Which of the following UV categories is the most dangerous and is completely blocked by our ozone?
a) UVC
b) UVA
c) UVB
d) UVD

These are used to penetrate any material and look inside human bodies.
a) X-rays
b) gamma rays
c) UV radiation
d) microwaves

These are the most powerful form of electromagnetic radiation and can be very damaging to living tissue
a) Gamma rays
b) lasers
c) x-rays
d) UV radiation

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