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This effect of refraction is also known as twinkling of stars, where starlight appears to change brightness as light passed through our atmosphere.
a) scintillation
b) mirage
c) rainbow
d) mirror

When light hits an obstacle and bounces off, it is ______.
a) reflection
b) diffraction
c) interference
d) repulsion

This states that the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection.
a) Law of reflection
b) Law of refraction
c) Principle of diffraction
d) Principle of interference

A mirror that is curved inwards, away from you, like a cave is ______.
a) concave
b) convex
c) spherical
d) convoluted

A mirror that is curved outwards is ______.
a) convex
b) concave
c) convoluted
d) spherical

As light passes through water, it causes fish to appear further away due to _____.
a) refraction
b) diffraction
c) constructive interference
d) destructive interference

From a distance, you may see light waves refracting in the heated air making it appear as if water is on the ground. This is an example of a _____.
a) mirage
b) rainbow
c) mirror
d) scintillation

Millions of droplets in the air disperse white light into colors creating a _____.
a) rainbow
b) mirage
c) mirror
d) scintillation

Due to interference of light in a bubble, multiple colors can be seen, which is called _____.
a) iridescence
b) opalescence
c) opaque
d) invisible

Sunglasses use _____ to only allow beams of light moving in a certain direction to pass.
a) polarization
b) prisms
c) diffraction
d) mirrors

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