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The theory of light that states that light travels as waves and particles is:
a) quantum theory of light
b) electromagnetic theory of light
c) wave theory of light
d) particle theory of light

Light packets of energy that electromagnetic waves travel as are called ____.
a) photons
b) particles
c) magnets
d) ATP

Electromagnetic waves that the human eye can see is called:
a) visible light
b) ultraviolet light
c) gamma radiation
d) infrared

Printers use which color method?
a) subtractive
b) additive
c) multiplication
d) division

The additive primary colors are red, green and
a) blue
b) yellow
c) magenta
d) black

The subtractive primary colors are cyan, yellow and
a) magenta
b) white
c) blue
d) green

What object separated light into its component parts?
a) prism
b) sunglasses
c) polarizer
d) magnifying glass

Which scientist said that light travels as an electromagnetic wave?
a) James Clerk Maxwell
b) Isaac Newton
c) Max Planck
d) Albert Einstein

Which frequency of light is not in the visible spectrum?
a) cyan
b) orange
c) indigo
d) violet

Which scientist proposed the particle theory of light?
a) Isaac Newton
b) Max Planck
c) Albert Einstein
d) James Clerk Maxwell

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