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Reinforcement or cancellation that occurs when two or more waves meet is called ______.
a) interference
b) diffraction
c) reflection
d) refraction

Maximum distance that particles are displaced by a wave, or a wave’s height, is called ______.
a) amplitude
b) frequency
c) period
d) wavelength

The number of waves that pass a given point per unit of time is called ______.
a) frequency
b) amplitude
c) speed
d) wavelength

The formula v =
a) speed
b) period
c) frequency
d) wavelength

The spreading of a wave after it passed through a narrow opening is called ______.
a) diffraction
b) reflection
c) refraction
d) interference

Bending of the path of a wave a result of a change wave speed is called ______.
a) refraction
b) diffraction
c) reflection
d) interference

The wave which has particles that move up and down, perpendicular to the motion of the wave (like a rope) is a ______ wave.
a) transverse
b) lateral
c) longitudinal
d) transduction

A wave with compression and rarefaction pulses is a ______ wave.
a) longitudinal
b) transduction
c) transverse
d) latera

The SI unit of frequency is ______.
a) hertz
b) newton
c) joule
d) watt

The law of reflection states that the angle of incidence is ______ the angle of reflection.
a) equal to
b) less than
c) greater than
d) unrelated to

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