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Physical Science Power, Work Momentum.[print questions]

What is the rate of doing work?
a) power
b) momentum
c) strength
d) force

What is the transfer of energy from one object to another by force?
a) work
b) power
c) momentum
d) motion

Which of the following is a relates mass and velocity?
a) momentum
b) power
c) strength
d) force

What is the equation to calculate power?
a) P = W/t
b) P= W x t
c) P = W x d
d) P = d x t

What is the unit for work?
a) Joules
b) Watt
c) Newton
d) Kilograms

What is the unit for power?
a) Watt
b) Newton
c) Kilogram
d) Joules

More power means _____work can be done in the same time.
a) more
b) less
c) the same
d) not enough information

A man is attempting to push a cow into a fenced area. He exerts 10 N of force on the animal for 20 min, but the cow does not move. How much work has the man done?
a) 0 J
b) 20 W
c) 200 W
d) 10 J

What is the law that states that a force has to act on an object to change that object’s momentum,
a) Law of conservation of momentum
b) Newton’s second law of motion
c) Law of conservation of motion
d) Newton’s third law of motion

A heavier object moving has _____ momentum than lighter objects moving.
a) more
b) less
c) the same
d) not enough information

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