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Rubbing two pieces of sandpaper together demonstrates which cause of friction?
a) repulsion
b) attraction
c) denaturing
d) none of these

Two objects attracting each other through force proportional to their masses is stated in the:
a) Law of Universal Gravitation
b) Law of Universal Force
c) Law of Motion
d) Law of Acceleration of Gravity

The discovery of the law of universal gravitation is credited to which scientist?
a) Isaac Newton
b) Henry Cavendish
c) Galileo Galilei
d) Ernest Rutherford

A force that causes objects to travel in a curved path rather than a straight line is _____ force.
a) centripetal
b) gravitational
c) friction
d) centrifugal

Which of the following surfaces would offer the least friction for a moving object?
a) Ice
b) Carpet
c) Grass
d) Pavement/Roads

What type of friction prevents objects from moving?
a) static
b) rolling
c) kinetic
d) coefficient

What type of friction affects sliding objects already in motion?
a) kinetic
b) static
c) rolling
d) coefficient

When air resistance stops a falling object from speeding up, the object has reached its _________ velocity.
a) terminal
b) drag
c) free-fall
d) Cavendish

What is the SI unit for force?
a) Newton
b) Joule
c) Coulomb
d) Watt

Weight is:
a) the gravitational force on an object
b) the mass of an object
c) velocity through space
d) the amount of drag an object produces

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