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Sugars and proteins that are not used up by the body get converted into what?
a) fat
b) glucose
c) DNA
d) cellulose

Triglycerides are the monomers for which of the following?
a) lipid
b) nucleic acid
c) protein
d) carbohydrate

If two sugars are linked together, this forms a:
a) disaccharides
b) monosaccharides
c) polysaccharides
d) cellulose

A steroid is a type of:
a) lipid
b) protein
c) carbohydrate
d) enzyme

What molecule is a nucleic acid that contains the blueprint for life?
a) DNA
b) ADP
c) RNA
d) ATP

What is the monomer for lipids?
a) triglyceride
b) nucleotide
c) amino acid
d) monosaccharide

Which polysaccharide is used by animals for storage?
a) glycogen
b) cellulose
c) lipids
d) triglyceride

Sucrose is an example of which of the following?
a) disaccharides
b) polysaccharides
c) monosaccharides
d) cellulose

Which type of fat is the most healthy?
a) unsaturated fat
b) trans fat
c) saturated fat
d) supersaturated fat

The fatty acid that is has no missing hydrogens is:
a) saturated fat
b) unsaturated fat
c) polyunsaturated fat
d) monounsaturated fat

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