Samuels PS/CHEM Biochemistry I Question Preview (ID: 31562)

Physical Science Biochemistry I. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Glucose, fructose and galactose are simple sugars, also known as:
a) monosaccharides
b) disaccharides
c) polysaccharides
d) cellulose

Cholesterol is a type of:
a) lipid
b) protein
c) carbohydrate
d) enzyme

What molecule is a nucleic acids that is used for cellular energy?
a) ATP
b) ADP
c) RNA
d) DNA

Amino acids make up which macromolecule?
a) proteins
b) lipids
c) carbohydrates
d) nucleic acids

Which organic compound is the most abundant on earth, form the cell walls of plants and is also known as dietary fiber?
a) cellulose
b) lipids
c) lipids
d) triglyceride

Complex carbohydrates that are composed of many sugars linked together are known as:
a) polysaccharides
b) disaccharides
c) monosaccharides
d) cellulose

Which type of fat is the most unhealthy?
a) trans fat
b) saturated fat
c) unsaturated fat
d) polyunsaturated fat

Which of the following is not a macromolecule in biochemistry?
a) steroid
b) carbohydrate
c) lipid
d) nucleic acid

Potatoes and grains are a major sources of _____ in the human diet.
a) starch
b) fatty acid
c) protein
d) lipid

Which of the following is NOT a nucleic acid?
a) amino acids
b) DNA
c) RNA
d) ATP

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