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True or False. Controlled burns are harmful to the forest.
a) True
b) False

Where do we find growth rings in a tree?
a) Roots
b) Leaves
c) Cambium
d) Branches

How do we tell how old a tree is?
a) Count its teeth
b) Count its leaves
c) Count its branches
d) Count its rings

Which of the items listed below do the most damage to trees?
a) Forest fires
b) Overcrowding
c) Diseases
d) Insects

What is the only natural resource that is renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable?
a) Wood
b) Steel
c) Water
d) Soil

The word habitat comes from the Latin word for what?
a) Surroundings
b) Home
c) Den
d) Burrow

How many seedlings do California foresters plant every year?
a) 20-30 Billion
b) 10-20 Million
c) 20-30 Million
d) 10-20 Billion

Forests are known as what type of factories?
a) Food
b) Oxygen
c) Paper
d) Wood

True or False. Water that trees add to the air is important for rainfall patterns.
a) True
b) False

Chemicals in the ______________ determine the color the leaves trun in the fall.
a) Roots
b) Branches
c) Leaves
d) Sap

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