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To develop long-term relationships with fans, professional sports teams should do which activity?
a) Have inflexible ticket sales policies
b) Build emotional connections with them
c) Increase licensing fees to ensure profitability
d) Redesign branding elements

When preparing handouts for a sales presentation, it is important for a salesperson to know what about the audience?
a) gender
b) size
c) income
d) personality

When writing a script for a sales presentation, a salesperson should use language that has which features?
a) Complex, intricate, and intense
b) Conceptual, intellectual, and difficult
c) Positive, precise, and pertinent
d) Childish, humorous, and spontaneous

A sports marketer has developed a sales packet that contains a team brochure, schedule, and a season ticket application. Why should all of the materials have the same basic appearance?
a) To customize the materials to specific groups
b) To motivate the recipients to open the sales packet
c) To indicate that the materials are all from one organization
d) To provide information that is relevant to the upcoming season

What is the purpose of scripts for salespeople while they are presenting?
a) Impress upper management
b) Hand out to audience members
c) Jog their memory during a presentation
d) Read verbatim so they do not miss main points

When preparing for a sales presentation, a salesperson decides to greet a prospective customer by asking if she would like to save money on office supplies. This is often called which type of approach?
a) customer benefit
b) meet and greet
c) introductory
d) question and answer

Which selling option is one that sports or event marketers are most likely to use to reach individual season ticket holders?
a) personal selling
b) product demonstration
c) direct mail
d) distribution outlet

In planning to make calls, the salesperson focuses on learning more about which component?
a) business
b) territory
c) product
d) customer

What is a step in the sales presentation process that salespeople should prepare for in advance?
a) Referral
b) feedback
c) approach
d) follow-up

Why should salespeople create favorable impressions during the initial contact with sports or event customers?
a) Customer rapport is unimportant
b) Customers want to ask for assistance
c) First impressions seldom last very long.
d) First impressions are difficult to change

When customizing a presentation, the salesperson determines the needs of a prospect by developing which component?
a) Business proposition
b) professional outline
c) sales quota
d) customer profile

When a person ask, “How will my customers receive this sales promotion?” which step in the process of generating “out-of-the-box” sales promotion ideas are they doing?
a) Determine how to get the news out
b) Determine creativity
c) Determine incentive
d) Determine delivery

Which is one of the features of a sports event such as a football game?
a) Impulsive
b) consistency
c) unpredictable
d) tangible

Which is one of the main features of a sport product?
a) Franchises
b) athletes
c) tickets
d) extensions

What should one understand first when setting out to develop “out-of-the-box” sales promotion ideas for one’s game or event?
a) He/She needs a certain amount of experience.
b) There is no way to be prepared for inspiration.
c) He/She need a certain amount of education.
d) There is no particular source or technique.

Which is a consideration when implementing a ticket sales campaign?
a) Name recognition
b) Seating arrangement
c) Immediate accessibility
d) Organized hospitality

Sales promotion is a major part of sports or event marketing due to which situation?
a) The most important task in sports or event marketing is ticket sales.
b) There are few sports or event customers
c) The industry is so highly competitive.
d) The industry can get very boring.

Brian needs to generate some out-of-the-box sales promotion ideas for an upcoming tennis tournament. He is unsure of how to start, but he does know that the tournament’s marketers want to reach the 18-to-35-year-old crowd. How is Brian prepared
a) He knows his target market.
b) He knows his competition
c) He is putting a new twist on an old idea.
d) He is brainstorming

What is a benefit of establishing good relationships with sports or event customers and fans?
a) Long-term loyalty
b) Flexible marketing
c) High-level pricing
d) Consistent quality

How can sports or event marketers establish positive relationships with their customers or clients?
a) Ask close-ended questions
b) Use generic sales presentations
c) Prepare a product demonstration
d) Communicate specific benefits

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