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What is the smallest unit of life?
a) Cells
b) Amino acid
c) Nucleus
d) Photosynthese

Cells working together are known as what?
a) Cells
b) Tissues
c) Cell membrane
d) Cell cycle

What part of the cell is the control center?
a) Cell membrane
b) Cell cycle
c) Eukaryotic cell
d) Nucleus

What part of the plant cells capture energy from the sun during photosynthesis
a) Chloroplast
b) cell membranes
c) cells
d) Mitochondrias

What is the function of the cell walls?
a) supports the cell only
b) protects the cell wall only
c) protects and supports the cell
d) protects only the nucleus

What is active transport?
a) requires enery
b) requires no energy
c) requires the control center to tell what it needs to do.
d) requires the power house to be released

What is passive transport?
a) Movement of materials through a cell membrane with out using energy
b) Movement of material through a cell membrane
c) Movement of material with a lot of energy
d) Using the power house to move its energy

Do cells in multi-cellular organisms perform all of the tasks of the organism or one special job?
a) They have only 3 jobs
b) They have 10 jobs
c) They only have 1 job.
d) They don't have any jobs

What is a tissue?
a) Tissues mitosis working together
b) Tissues are made up of cells that don't work together
c) Tissues are made up of cytoplasm that work together
d) Tissues are made up of cells that work together

What are Ribosomes?
a) They make proteins
b) They make carbohydrates
c) The make sugars
d) They make cells

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