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What is taxonomy?
a) the scientific study of how living things are classified
b) the name of Aristotle's classification system
c) the process used by geologists to classify rocks
d) the process of observing an organism's behavior

Why do scientists organize living things into groups?
a) so they can find them in the wild more easily
b) so that the organisms are easier to study
c) so they can make sense of the variety of rocks on Earth
d) so products from living things can be easily found in groceries

What is binomial nomenclature?
a) Classifying organisms into seven levels
b) The naming system developed by Aristotle
c) Grouping animals based on how they move
d) A naming system in which each organism is given a two-part name

An organism's scientific name consists of
a) its class name and its family name
b) its kingdom name and its phylum name
c) its genus name and its species name
d) its phylum name and its species name

Which is the broadest classification level?
a) family
b) kingdom
c) phylum
d) species

Which classification level is broader than the phylum level?
a) order
b) class
c) family
d) kingdom

Which kingdom includes only multi cellular heterotrophs?
a) protists
b) archaebacteria
c) plant
d) animal

Which kingdom includes only prokaryotes?
a) archaebacteria
b) protists
c) plants
d) fungi

Which of the following characteristics do all plants share?
a) being unicellular
b) producing flowers
c) being a prokaryote
d) being an autotroph

Which of the following kingdoms include both unicellular and multi cellular organisms?
a) eubacteria
b) protists
c) plants
d) archaebacteria

What is a characteristic of archaebacteria?
a) Most are disease-causing
b) They live just about everywhere
c) They use sun to produce food and energy
d) They thrive in extreme enviornments

Which of the following kingdoms have heterotrophs and autotrophs in them?
a) Plants
b) Protists
c) Prokaryotes
d) Animals

What is the only kingdom to contain only autotrophs?
a) Plants
b) Protists
c) Fungi
d) Eubacteria

A mushroom belongs to which kingdom?
a) Protist
b) Plant
c) Fungi
d) Animal

A cat's scientific name is Felix domesticus, which genus does it belong to?
a) Cat
b) Binomial nomenclature
c) Felix
d) Domesticus

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