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In ancient Rome, members of the landholding upper class were called
a) plebeians
b) patricians
c) consuls
d) tribunes

The Romans defeated the _________________ in the Punic Wars to gain control of the Mediterranean.
a) Macedonians
b) Carthaginians
c) Greeks
d) Visigoths

Which of the following is a famous Roman building?
a) the Parthenon
b) the Colosseum
c) the Great Pyramid
d) the Cursus Honorum

The teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were deeply rooted in the traditions of which other religion?
a) Judaism
b) Islam
c) paganism
d) Buddhism

To try to restore order, Roman emperor _____________, divided the Roman empire in half.
a) Constantine
b) Nero
c) Diocletian
d) Theodosius

Which of the following made the greatest contribution to the spread of Christianity?
a) Clement
b) Peter
c) Paul
d) Augustine

Which of the following people was assassinated because the Roman senate feared he wanted to make himself king?
a) Julius Caesar
b) Marcus Aurelius
c) Octavian Caesar
d) Alexander the Great

The Roman emperor Constantine
a) gave Christians the right to worship in the Roman Empire
b) enslaved thousands of Egyptians and used them to build the Pantheon
c) divided the Roman Empire in half
d) defeated Charlemagne at the Battle of Tours

The Romans used their engineering skills to build
a) gothic cathedrals
b) aqueducts
c) printing presses
d) an elaborate acropolis

The great Carthaginian general who nearly defeated the Romans in the Second Punic War was
a) Hannibal
b) Pompey
c) Alexander the Great
d) Xerxes

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