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If the Northern Hemisphere is having winter, the Southern Hemisphere is having
a) summer
b) spring
c) autumn
d) winter

The place where no trees grow is called
a) grassland
b) savanna
c) tree line
d) highlands

Prevailing winds and the presence of mountains are two factors that affect
a) precipitation
b) weather
c) climate
d) temperature

A thin tree ring indicates the year was
a) cool or dry
b) hot and rainy
c) cold and wet
d) hot and wet

Which climate typically has cold winters and hot summers?
a) humid continental
b) polar
c) tropical rainy
d) marine

The main cause of ozone depletion is
a) chlorofluorocarbons
b) greenhouse gases
c) sunspots
d) volcanoes

What determines the climate of an area?
a) temperature and precipitation
b) weather and animals
c) animals and plants
d) plants and humans

Earth rotates around
a) axis
b) Sun
c) Mars
d) Jupiter

Gases in the atmosphere that trap solar energy are called
a) greenhouse gases
b) greenhouse effect
c) global warming
d) dust bowls

Permanently frozen tundra soil is called
a) permafrost
b) ice cap
c) taiga

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