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Which organ system works to transport and deliver nutrients, gases and wastes from the body?
a) Circulatory system
b) Digestive system
c) Excretory system
d) Endocrine System

Which of the following best gives the levels of organization within a multi-cellular organism?
a) cells - tissues - organs - organ system - organism
b) organism - cells - tissues - organ system - organ
c) organ - cell - tissue - organ system - organism
d) organism - organ system - cell - tissue - organ

Which two systems work together to deliver oxygen to the cells?
a) Circulatory and respiratory
b) Digestive and respiratory
c) Endocrine and excretory
d) Integumentary and reproductive

What is the primary purpose of the excretory system?
a) To remove waste
b) To make more of a species
c) To deliver oxygen to cell
d) To allow for structure and support

How does smoking affect the body?
a) It can damage cells and reduce lung function
b) It can improve lung function and help cells
c) It can make you look super healthy and cause cancer
d) It can allow your body to get more oxygen

How do the skeletal and muscular systems work together?
a) The muscles pull on the bones to allow for movement
b) The bones pull on the muscles to allow for movement
c) The bones and the muscles do not work together
d) The bones and the muscles are connected only when we are moving

What is homeostasis?
a) A balanced or stable internal environment
b) A fickle internal environment
c) A change in how often we need to eat
d) A change in how often we need oxygen

What process occurs when saliva in the mouth causes chemical changes to food?
a) Chemical digestion
b) Mechanical digestion
c) Plain digestion
d) Exciting digestion

What process occurs when teeth in the mouth cause physical changes to food?
a) mechanical digestion
b) chemical digestion
c) perfect digestion
d) plain digestion

A student is running and begins to sweat. To what stimulus is the body responding?
a) An increase in heart rate
b) An increase in body temperature
c) An increase in oxygen demand
d) An increase in breathing rate

Which organs are responsible for gas exchange?
a) kidneys
b) alveoli in lungs
c) vacuoles in cells
d) small and large intestines

Which organs store and remove urine from the body?
a) bladder and urethra
b) kidneys and lungs
c) ureters and rectum
d) testicles and ovaries

Why do different cells have different shapes?
a) Because they have different functions.
b) Because they have different friends.
c) Because they have different likes.
d) Because they are fancy like that.

Which organ system is responsible for protecting us from pathogens and other infectious diseases?
a) Immune system
b) Circulatory system
c) Respiratory system
d) Endocrine system

Which system is responsible for controlling our body's processes?
a) Nervous system
b) Reproductive system
c) Digestive system
d) Immune system

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