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Which is not a way to prevent bacterial diseases?
a) Vaccines
b) Antibiotics
c) Immune system
d) Public hygiene

Bacteria could cause diseases by --
a) Invading and destroying (white blood cells)
b) A and B
c) Having the victim reproduce its DNA then explode
d) Poisoning proteins and cell walls

Bacteria would turn nitrogen gases into -- in soil/water, which would be consumed by -- then --
a) nitrogen compounds, plants, animals
b) nitrogen atoms, animals, plants
c) nitrogen compounds, animals, plants
d) nitrogen atoms, plants, animals

Which of the below was an effect of the Oxygen Revolution?
a) Photoautotrophic bacteria produced oxygen
b) Cyanobacteria\'s waste was oxygen
c) Many species were poisoned
d) Oxygen filled the anaerobic atmosphere

-- is the bacterial mode of nutrition where energy is from inorganic chemicals and carbon from CO2
a) Chemoautotroph
b) Photoheterotroph
c) Chemoheterotroph
d) Photoautotroph

Which is not a way bacteria recombine genetic information in reproduction (binary fission)?
a) Endospores: DNA copy with protective coat
b) Transduction: phage pass on genes via viruses
c) Conjugation: 2 cells join and transfer genes
d) Transformation: pick up DNA from environment

Which is not a way of bacterial motility?
a) Cilia (hairs shorter than flagella)
b) Chains of cells that become slimy threads to anchor to other surfaces
c) Pili (shorter and thinner than flagella but sticks to other surfaces)
d) Flagellum (between cell wall and membrane)

Which describes Gram positive (in bacterial cell wall type)?
a) Mostly peptidoglycan with the usual membrane
b) More peptidoglycan with an extra membrane
c) Less peptidoglycan with the usual membrane
d) Less peptidoglycan with an extra membrane

a) Bacteria
b) None of the above
c) Eukaryote
d) Archaea

Which is a bacterial cell shape?
a) Cocci: chains of spheres
b) All of the above
c) Spirochetes: spiral-shaped/curved
d) Bacilli: rod-shaped

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