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During which stage of a plant's life cycle will a flower develop?
a) fertilization
b) plant development
c) germination
d) seed production

What plant structure allows a plant to perform transpiration, photosynthesis, and respiration?
a) stem
b) leaf
c) root
d) flower

What occurs when pollen is transferred to the stigma of a flower?
a) fertilization
b) germination
c) pollination
d) seed dispersal

What process produces a seed in a plant?
a) germination
b) pollination
c) fertilization
d) seed dispersal

What is the purpose of the colorful flower on a plant?
a) attracts pollen
b) attracts solar energy
c) attracts pollinators
d) distracts pollinators

What type of energy does a burning fire produce?
a) solar and chemical
b) solar and heat
c) heat and electrical
d) light and heat

What type of energy exists when a rubber band is stretched?
a) kinetic energy
b) solar energy
c) potential energy
d) thermal energy

What is kinetic energy?
a) Energy stored waiting to be used
b) Energy found in an electric circuit
c) Energy in motion
d) Energy found in chemical bonds

When enrgy changes from one form to another, this is known as a _________.
a) conservation
b) process
c) loss
d) transformation

What energy transformation takes place during photosynthesis?
a) solar to chemical
b) solar to thermal
c) solar to electrical
d) chemical to solar

Law of Conservation states that energy cannot be _______.
a) created
b) destroyed
c) created or destroyed
d) moved

What simple machines can be found in an axe?
a) screw
b) inclined plane
c) wedge
d) pulley

what form of energy drives the water cycle?
a) thermal
b) heat
c) electrical
d) solar

A plant's response to light
a) hydrotropism
b) gravitropism
c) phototropism
d) thigmotropism

What tool is used to measure force?
a) triple beam balance
b) spring scale
c) thermometer
d) anemometer

A bar that is free to pivot on a fulcrum
a) lever
b) pulley
c) screw
d) wedge

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