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Which of the following is most likely to create depression?
a) traumatic life experiences
b) extreme wealth
c) regular exercise
d) religious beliefs

Which of the following is NOT an anxiety disorder?
a) phobias
b) post-tramatic stress disorder
c) obsessive-compulsive disorder
d) bulimia

In general, anxiety disorders __________.
a) only occur in families with a history of these disorders
b) have symptoms that can be treated with therapy and medication
c) involve less anxiety than most normal people experience
d) are not affected by a healthy diet and regular exercise

Which of the following is NOT an anxiety disorder?
a) social anxiety disorder
b) post-tramatic stress disorder
c) obsessive-compuslive disorder
d) partial suppression disorder

Positive coping skills include all of the following EXCEPT:
a) keeping a journal
b) being creative
c) talking to others
d) fighting to release energy

Change in diet, sleep patterns, and routine are all __________ signs of stress.
a) physical
b) emotional
c) cognitive
d) behavioral

Positive coping skills include all of the following EXCEPT:
a) developing a positive attitude
b) expressing oneself
c) drinking excessive alcohol
d) laughing or relaxing

Once the cause of stress has been identified, there are no behaviors that can lessen the effect of or eliminate the stress.
a) True
b) False

Which of the following is a benefit to getting an adequate amount of sleep?
a) better concentration
b) improved physical health
c) improved chances of success
d) all of the choices

Which of the following statements BEST describes paranoid schizophrenia?
a) includes aggressive and destructive behaviors
b) nvolves laying motionless for hours
c) includes having illusions and hallucinations
d) none of the choices

If you suspect someone you know may attempt suicide, you should __________.
a) help them through their issues
b) help them by ignoring the behavior
c) help them by pointing out their faults
d) help them conceal their problems from others

Which of the following is NOT true?
a) Those who abuse drugs are more likely to attempt suicide
b) Major depression sometimes leads to suicide attempts
c) Copycat suicides are a form of cluster suicide
d) Suicide only has consequences for the person who attempts suicide

Emotional intelligence can give you the ability to __________.
a) remain hopeful in challenging times
b) read others emotions
c) avoid life disappontments
d) rid yourself of anxiety for good

Which of the following statements describes mental disorders?
a) Mental disorders are usually only found in individuals with low mental capabilities
b) Mental disorders are illnesses that affect a person's emotions, behavior, and thoughts
c) Mental disorders are best managed without assistance
d) Mental disorders are not true diseases

Anxiety disorders are __________.
a) characterized by abnormal fear of everyday situations
b) only occur in fearful situations
c) caused by a loss of contact with reality
d) characterized by aggressive and destructive behaviors

The causes of mental disorders include __________ factors.
a) biological
b) environmental
c) physical
d) all choices are correct

Which of these statements BEST summarizes the cause of mental health disorders?
a) Mental health disorders occur because of a variety of factors.
b) Mental health disorders occur because of physical deformities
c) Mental health disorders occur because of childhood neglect
d) Mental health disorders occur because of brain damage

Which of the following is NOT a mental health professional?
a) psychologist
b) radiologist
c) counselor
d) psychiatrist

Which of the following are treatments for mental health disorders EXCEPT:
a) group therapy
b) chemotherapy
c) psychotherapy
d) medication

An environmental factor that contributes to mental illness is __________.
a) intelligence
b) poverty
c) high self-esteem
d) a supportive family

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