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Which two terms are used to describe weather?
a) wind direction and amount of erosion
b) gravity and amount of rain
c) groundwater and cloud cover
d) air temperature and wind speed

Which process occurs when ocean waves drop seashells on a beach?
a) condensation
b) deposition
c) classification
d) rotation

Which unit of measurement should be used to describe the mass of an apple?
a) gram
b) liter
c) minute
d) meter

An object is attracted to a magnet. When the magnet is moved away from the object, the magnetic force on the object will
a) decrease
b) increase
c) remain the same

Which characteristic describes the texture of a kitten's fur?
a) gray
b) warm
c) long
d) soft

A student pours water into a cup and places the cup in a freezer. After many hours, the water will change from
a) solid to gas
b) solid to liquid
c) liquid to solid
d) liquid to gas

Which energy transfer occurs when a student blows a whistle?
a) electrical to sound
b) light to electrical
c) heat to mechanical
d) mechanical to sound

Which object is the best conductor of electricity?
a) glass rod
b) wooden stick
c) plastic straw
d) metal nail

Which color baseball cap would absorb the most light on a sunny day?
a) pink
b) black
c) white
d) yellow

Which force causes a soccer ball to fall to the ground after it has been kicked up in the air?
a) erosion
b) friction
c) gravity
d) magnetism

Volume and mass are properties of
a) friction
b) light
c) matter
d) sound

Which tool should a student use to examine spots on a frog?
a) thermometer
b) hand lens
c) graduated cylinder
d) magnet

Which process is common to most living things?
a) flying
b) talking
c) seeing
d) reproducing

Which trait can children inherit from their parents?
a) long hair
b) favorite color
c) brown eyes
d) broken arm

During which process do animals increase in size?
a) breathing
b) growing
c) shedding
d) repairing

Which structure takes in water and nutrients from the soil?
a) flower
b) leaf
c) roots
d) stem

Which structure produces seeds for reproduction?
a) flower
b) leaf
c) roots
d) stem

An octopus squirs black ink around itself to hide from predators. This adaptation is an example of
a) creating shelter
b) recycling nutrients
c) a transfer of energy
d) a defense mechanism

The correct order of a plant's stages of growth and development is
a) young plant - seed - mature plant
b) seed - mature plant - young plant
c) seed - young plant - mature plant
d) mature plant - young plant - seed

In the spring and early summer, bears often scratch their backs against trees to remove winter fur. This is an example of an animal
a) completing its life cycle
b) beginning hibernation
c) responding to its environment
d) preparing for migration

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