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What is cytoplasm?
a) A gel-like substance that contains water and nutrients and protects the organelles
b) An outer boundary that controls what material moves into and out of the cell
c) A boundary between the nucleus and DNA
d) A rigid structure for plant cells

Which organelle acts as a storage center for the cell?
a) vacuole
b) nucleus
c) nuclear membrane
d) cell wall

What is the function of the nucleuar memebrane?
a) To separate the nucleus from the cytoplasm
b) To separate the cell wall from the cell membrane
c) To separate the nucleus from the DNA
d) To separate the nucleus from the genes

What is the general shape of a plant cell?
a) round
b) rectangular
c) cone
d) rhombus

Which organelle allows a plant to make food?
a) chloroplast
b) cell wall
c) cytoplasm
d) chromosomes

Which organelle is necessary for providing energy to the cell?
a) cell wall
b) cell memebrane
c) lysosome
d) mitochondrion

Which organelle acts as the brain of the cell?
a) nucleus
b) mitochondrion
c) lysosome
d) cell wall

Which two organelles are found only in plant cells?
a) cell wall and nucleus
b) cell membrane and cytoplasm
c) cell wall and chloroplast
d) cytoplasm and nucleus

How are volvox living in a colony similar to the organization of a multi-cellular organism?
a) The volvox cells provide structural support to the colony
b) The individual volvox cells have identical characteristics
c) The individual groups of cells within the colony perform different functions
d) The cells in the colony are all capable of photosynthesis and can make food.

Which protist moves using flagella?
a) eugnela and amoeba
b) euglena and volvox
c) amoeba and paramecium
d) volvox and amoeba

How is an amoeba different from a plant or flower?
a) An amoeba is made of one cell and a plant is made of many cells.
b) A plant is made of one cell and an amoeba is made of many cells.
c) An amoeba is made of many cells and a plant is made of many cells, too.
d) An amoeba is made of one cell and a plant is also made of only cell, too.

Which protist uses cilia as its form of movement?
a) euglena
b) amoeba
c) paramecium
d) volvox

What is the purpose of an eye spot?
a) To detect food
b) To detect light
c) To detect movement
d) To detect friends

Which two protists are considered plant-like and can make their own food using photosynthesis?
a) Euglena and amoeba
b) Paramecium and volvox
c) Euglena and volvox
d) Paramecium and amoeba

What important material is found inside the nucleus?
a) Waste
b) Water
c) DNA
d) Volume

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