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Which Greek people do we think fought in the Trojan War?
a) Minoans
b) Mycenaeans
c) Dorians
d) Etruscans

Government in which a hereditary ruler exercises central power is called a(n)
a) oligarchy
b) republic
c) aristocracy
d) monarchy

Who won the Persian Wars?
a) the Persians
b) the Greeks
c) the Macedonians
d) the Trojans

The Peloponessian War ended which city-state's domination of the Greek world?
a) Sparta
b) Athens
c) Troy
d) Corinth

Which of the following is true about ancient Athens?
a) its people had little use for the arts and new ideas
b) it was primarily a military state
c) it placed emphasis on the individual
d) it discouraged trade

The acropolis in ancient Greek city-states was
a) the location of temples
b) the school yard
c) the marketplace
d) the social center

Spartan males began _______________________ at an early age
a) training in trade and commerce
b) military training
c) education in art and architecture
d) training in gymnastics

The Mycenaeans were primarily
a) sheperds
b) sea traders
c) farmers
d) artisans

What type of government was started by Cleisthenes and perfected by Pericles in Ancient Athens?
a) oligarchy
b) tyranny
c) democracy
d) monarchy

Under the rule of Pericles, Athens had a direct democracy, in which
a) only landowners were allowed to participate in government
b) citizens elected jurors to carry out their wishes in the legislature
c) large numbers of citizens voted directly on laws
d) ostracism was forbidden

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