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Taxonomy doesn't involve -- species
a) discoving
b) identifying
c) naming
d) classifying

Which isn't true of binomials?
a) Species, genus
b) Genus, species
c) Latin
d) Italicized, first letter capitalized

The Linnaen system of classification's hierarchy: species, --, family, --, class, --, kingdom
a) genus, order, phylum
b) genus, phylum, domain
c) genus, order, domain
d) genus, phylum, order

-- are the best way to test how similar certain organisms are
a) Convergent structures
b) Analogous structures
c) Convergent evolutions
d) Phylogenetic trees

Branches in phylogenetic trees are called --
a) clades
b) cladistics
c) classifications
d) evolutions

-- classified Monera as bacteria and archaea
a) Three Domain
b) Two Kingdom
c) Three Kingdom
d) Five Kingdom

The atmosphere of early earth made -- (amino acids, sugars, etc), which bond to make --
a) small organic molecules, polypeptides
b) polypeptides, small organic molecules
c) RNA, pre-cells
d) pre-cells, RNA

Self-copying -- then leads to fluid-filled spheres with a lipid layer called --
a) RNA, pre-cells
b) pre-cells, RNA
c) small organic molecules, polypeptides
d) polypeptides, small organic molecules

The first life occured in --
a) deep-sea hydrothermal vents
b) shallow waters
c) wet lands
d) clay

The differences between archaea and bacteria are --
a) DNA/RNA, archaea: extremophiles
b) Bacterial RNA polymerase is simpler with no introns
c) Bacteria is affected by antibiotics and has peptidoglycan
d) All of the above

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