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Computers were first used by the military.
a) True
b) False

It is easier to compare products and prices by shopping in stores rather than by shopping online.
a) True
b) False

A company that sells its products online is called a brick and mortar business.
a) True
b) False

A tax break is a special benefit given to promote specific economic or social objectives.
a) True
b) False

Someone who agrees to be responsible for a debt if the main applicant does not repay, it is a co-signer.
a) True
b) False

The best example of a long-term goal (10 years or more) might be
a) to finish college.
b) to save enough money to pay for a vacation.
c) to finish high school.
d) to save enough money to plan for retirement.

All of the following are securities EXCEPT
a) mutual funds.
b) a certificate of deposit (CD)
c) bonds.
d) shares of stock.

Because they have low risk, government bonds
a) offer lower interest rates than other bonds.
b) offer higher interest than other bonds.
c) offer lower interest rates than savings accounts.
d) are taxable.

Which statement is MOST true?
a) Investing is always very risky.
b) Successful investing is a matter of luck.
c) Investing presents opportunities for people and businesses to increase their income.
d) Investing is always unpredictable.

Regular savings accounts
a) charge a monthly service fee.
b) offer a high interest rate.
c) have a penalty for early withdrawal.
d) generally require a minimum deposit to open an account.

The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Commission)
a) is a government agency.
b) only insures regular savings accounts in savings and loan associations.
c) will replace depositors' accounts for up to $50,000 if a banks fails.
d) also insures money market funds offered by brokerage firms.

All of the following are transfer payments EXCEPT
a) veterans' benefits.
b) income tax refunds.
c) unemployment pay.
d) social security.

Local taxes pay for
a) city, streets, and parks.
b) interstate, highways.
c) defense.
d) motor vehicle departments.

One of government's roles is to
a) answer foster economic success.
b) generate sales revenues.
c) provide healthcare for all its citizens.
d) guarantee the safety of all citizens.

The following are public goods EXCEPT
a) schools.
b) libraries.
c) shopping malls.
d) highways.

All of the following are reasons to restrict trade EXCEPT
a) other countries may not have the same environmental or human rights standards.
b) companies at home need to be protected from unfair foreign competition.
c) foreign competition can lower the demand for products made at home.
d) foreign companies' products maybe inferior to those produced at home.

Trade disputes occur when
a) nations restrict trade with each other.
b) two companies from the same country want to export the same product.
c) two nations want to export the same product to another country.
d) two companies in different nations cannot agree on a price.

Another name for money is
a) exchange.
b) unit.
c) currency.
d) barter.

E-tickets are available for all of the following venues EXCEPT
a) taxis.
b) museums.
c) movies.
d) concerts.

The people who work with computers while doing business are know as the _______________.
a) most desirable employees
b) small e-workforce
c) i-workforce
d) automated workforce

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