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The absence of the ____ icon indicates that a layer is hidden.
a) Triangle
b) Circle
c) Eye
d) Checkmark

Changing a layer’s location in the layers panel hierarchy does which of the following?
a) Changes the color of the layers selection marks
b) Moves the artwork on the layer forward or backward in the stacking order
c) Reverts all the layer’s options to their defaults
d) All of the above

You can change font, type size, kerning, and other text attributes in which panel?
a) Type
b) Character
c) Paragraph
d) Stroke

InDesign documents can be _____ to easily include images, fonts, and instructions
a) exported
b) programmed
c) imported
d) packaged

Which of the following is not an element of design?
a) Shape
b) Texture
c) Contrast
d) Line

In InDesign, all lines of type that are aligned with the left and right margin is known as:
a) Justified
b) Flush Right
c) Flush Left
d) Centered

When using Step and Repeat a positive value in the horizontal offset box will position copies:
a) Centered vertically
b) Horizontally to the left
c) Horizontally to the right
d) Vertically down

When inserting images or clipart into InDesign, what is the proper command you used to accomplish this task?
a) Edit - Step and Repeate
b) File - Import
c) File - Place
d) File - Open

When referencing the elements and principles of design, what are the two types of balance used when evaluating every type of design?
a) Rough and Complete
b) Balanced and Unbalanced
c) Formal and Informal
d) Rhythm and Proportion

In which panel do you determine or set the weight of a line?
a) Font panel
b) Gradient panel
c) Character panel
d) Stroke panel

The fine strokes at the top and bottom of a character are called:
a) Fins
b) Serifs
c) Sans Serif
d) All of the above

What are the three types of images that can be printed on a page?
a) Type, Characters, Photographs
b) Fonts, Photographs, Characters
c) Type, Pictures, Pixel-Based Images
d) Type, Photographs, Illustrations

Which of the following terms is associated with the changing of distance between lines of type?
a) Letterspacing
b) Kerning
c) Leading
d) Wordspacing

Which of the following printing processes is used to print on t-shirts?
a) Offset Lithography
b) Screen
c) Gravure
d) Flexography

In Photoshop, the position of a layer in the Layers panel can be changed.
a) Yes
b) No

In Illustrator, you cannot rename layers.
a) Yes
b) No

In Photoshop, using the Clone Stamp tool and the Healing Brush tool will repair an aged and cracked photo.
a) Yes
b) No

When an image is blurry and hard to see, professional graphic designers refer to this as a ____ image.
a) Distorted
b) Pixelated
c) Blurry
d) Fuzzy

Any Artwork that is traced or drawn using only lines and curves is known as ____ based image.
a) Pixelated
b) Line
c) Vector
d) Realistic

What color mode does the Illustrator file need to be in order to screen print?
b) RGB
c) Pantone Solid Uncoated
d) Grayscale

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