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Which shape has the most lines of symmetry?
a) pentagon
b) hexagon
c) octagon
d) circle

Isosceles triangle can be best defines?
a) a triangle that has only two sides that are equal
b) no sides are equal
c) 4 sides are equal

A right angle has ____ degrees?
a) 90 degrees
b) 45 degrees
c) 180 degrees

A scalene triangle is a type of triangle that...?
a) all three sides are equal
b) two sides are equal
c) has no equal sides

Perpendicular lines are lines that intersect and make...?
a) 4 acute angles
b) four ninety-degree angles
c) parallel lines

What is another time on the clock in which clock hands would make perpendicular lines?
a) 9:45
b) 6:30
c) 9 o'clock

At what time on the clock do the hands on the clock form perpendicular lines.
a) 12 o'clock
b) 3 o'clock

An equilateral triangle can be best defined?
a) a triangle with only two equal sides
b) a triangle with all equal sides
c) a traingle in which none of the sides are equal

The angles of any triangle must add to a total of ?
a) 180 degrees
b) 90 degrees

A square has ______ lines of symmetry
a) 4
b) 2
c) 0

A regular pentagon has ______ lines of symmetry
a) 4
b) 5
c) 3

An equilateral triangle has?
a) 3 sides that are equal
b) 2 sides that are equal

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