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Having different sources or species for a single DNA is part of --
a) Recombinant DNA technology
b) DNA technology
c) Biotechnology
d) Human Genome Project

In gene cloning, -- cut at the DNA backbone to create --, the foreign gene is added, and -- sticks the recombined plasmid back together
a) restriction enzymes, sticky ends, DNA ligase
b) DNA ligase, sticky ends, restriction enzymes
c) Sticky ends, DNA ligase, restriction enzymes
d) Sticky ends, restriction enzymes, DNA ligase

-- finds specific genes in a genomic library
a) nucleic acid probe
b) radioactive tags
c) the target's complement
d) all of the above

To create a GM animal, the -- is extracted and fertilized in a --, purified in --, then put back into the uterus
a) sex cells, test tube, milk
b) egg cell, test tube, water
c) sperm cell, test tube, water
d) sex cells, test tube, water

Which is not part of the GMO controversy?
a) GMOs acquired their genes artificially
b) GMOs might cause side-effects in other organisms
c) GMOs might be risky for consumers
d) All of the above

In --, primers find and bind to DNA segments (DNA polymerases fill in what primers leave blank) to copy the segments
a) Polymerase chain reaction
b) Gel electrophoresis
c) Gene cloning
d) Animal cloning

In --, restriction enzymes recognize and cut DNA sequences to put in a well of gel to sort molecules/fragments by length
a) Gel electrophoresis
b) Polymerase chain reaction
c) Gene cloning
d) Gene expression

-- are unique DNA stretches that make up --, which is an organism's unique restriction fragments
a) genetic markers, DNA fingerprint
b) DNA fingerprint, genetic markers
c) genomic library, nucleic acid probe
d) nucleic acid probe, genomic library

Which isn't included in the operon?
a) 3 gene-codes for the enzyme being created
b) Promoter: binding site for RNA polymerase
c) Operator: YES/NO switch for promoter
d) mRNA: created after the polymerase slips to the end of the 3 genes

The -- can turn off transcription by binding to the operator and stopping the promoter
a) Repressor
b) Operon
c) Promoter
d) Operator

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