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Who were the Vikings?
a) soldiers who fought for the King of England
b) invaders from Scandinavia who attacked Europe
c) Spanish soldiers

Why did the Christian Church start to split in the 1,000's?
a) because the bishops in Eastern Europe refused to recognize the authority of the pope
b) because heretics opposed the churches teachings
c) because so many people started to study catholicism

What was the outcome of the Crusades?
a) the Holy Land remained under Muslim control
b) new lands were explored
c) the lands converted to chrisianity

What started the Hundred Years' War?
a) because the bishops in Europe refused to recognize the authority of the pope
b) to show the importance of religion
c) the King of England invaded France

What was the reason that Southern Europe was invaded less often by raiders than Northern Europe?
a) it was surrounded by water
b) it had more mountains
c) the army was too strong and powerful

What did Saint Patrick do?
a) converted the Irish to christianity
b) explored new lands and found gold and silver
c) invaded Scotland

Why did the Incas fill a room with gold and silver?
a) the room served as a bank
b) to hide their riches from their enemies
c) so the Spanish would free their king

What was the most important similarity between a knight and a samurai?
a) they both received land for their service
b) they both wore armor
c) they both had a sword

Where did the Incas live?
a) the Andes Mountains
b) Mount McKinley
c) by the Arabian Sea

What was the main goal of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand?
a) make Spain very rich with gold and silver
b) make all of Spain christian
c) find a trade route to the New World

What caused the Black Death?
a) fleas
b) a flu bug
c) bacteria

What was the importance of the Inca road system?
a) it allowed armies to travel to battle more easily
b) it helped people get to the water
c) it connected all parts of the empire

Describe a heretic.
a) a royal prince or princess that is in line for the throne
b) someone who is considered a hero for fighting the enemy
c) people who hold religious ideas that oppose accepted church teachings

Name 3 factors that helped the Aztec Empire rise.
a) war, bargaining, gold
b) trade, war, tribute
c) silver, trade, crops

What is another name for a church official?
a) the clergy
b) the president
c) the ambassador

Who was Eleanor of Aquitaine?
a) she was the Queen of England and Queen of France
b) she was a holy ruler
c) she was an Inca queen

Who was Charlemagne?
a) was the King who ruled England
b) built a European empire and was crowned Emperor of the Romans in 800
c) a monk who was famous for his healing powers

What does chivalry mean?
a) a spanish word that means your are sick
b) a french word that means your intelligent
c) an English word that means bravery or being humble

What were the Crusades?
a) when people fought to gain control of Palestine, the Holy Land
b) when Robin Hood stole to give to the poor
c) when the Queen of France cast out from the church

Who established the earliest universities?
a) the King of England
b) the church
c) professors of english

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