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The belief that one ruler should have complete control over a country is called
a) Encomienda.
b) Absolutism
c) Westernization.
d) Divinity

This document, written by Thomas Jefferson and influenced by the ideas of John Locke, stated the goals of the American colonists and outlined their grievances against the British King, George III.
a) The Declaration of the Rights of Man
b) Magna Carta
c) Declaration of Independence
d) Treaty of Westphalia

How were the three estates broken up in France prior to revolution which respectively held about 3% of the population in the first two estates and the rest of the 97% in the third estate?
a) 1st estate: Nobility, 2nd estate: Clergy, 3rd estate: Everybody else
b) 1st estate: Monarchy, 2nd estate: Nobility, 3rd estate: Clergy
c) 1st estate: Clergy, 2nd estate: Nobility, 3rd estate: Everybody else
d) 1st estate: Monarchy, 2nd estate: Clergy, 3rd estate: everybody else

What was the time period where Robespierre governed France as a dictator and used the Committee of Public Safety to justify killing anybody he deemed an enemy of the revolution?
a) Robespierre’s Reign
b) The Reign of Terror
c) The French Revolution
d) The Napoleonic Era

What was the route in the Atlantic where slaves were shipped from Africa into the New World?
a) The Atlantic Passage
b) The Middle Passage
c) The Columbian Exchange
d) The Trail of Tears

What role did religion play in the desire for European exploration?
a) The church tried to stop exploration of foreign lands.
b) Christians wanted to spread their religion to new parts of the world.
c) The pope traveled to the New World in 1500.
d) The church wanted to learn about new religions to incorporate those ideas into Christianity

The greed of _____________________ was partly responsible for the domination of the Aztec empire and the enslavement of its people.
a) Vasco de Gama
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Francisco Pizzaro
d) Hernando Cortez

Luther was excommunicated for what reason?
a) He wrote the 95 Theses.
b) He initiated the Reformation.
c) He refused to buy indulgences.
d) He refused to recant his 95 Theses.

What role did Gutenberg’s printing press have in the Protestant Reformation?
a) The ability to spread ideas quickly throughout Europe.
b) Jobs for craftsmen.
c) Women gained more rights in the church.
d) Martin Luther lost all influence in Europe.

In what region of Europe did the Renaissance begin?
a) Germany
b) Italy
c) France
d) England

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