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The man mainly responsible for spearheading the Russian Revolution against the Tsar and becomes the first leader of the new communist Soviet Union is
a) Josef Stalin
b) Vladimir Lenin
c) Leon Trotsky
d) Nicholas II

Which two cities were the targets of the Atomic Bomb drops?
a) Tokyo and Hiroshima
b) Hiroshima and Nagasaki
c) Nagasaki and Tokyo
d) Nagasaki and Kyoto

Who was J. Robert Oppenheimer?
a) Considered the father of the atomic bomb who later lived his days in regret
b) The German war strategist that came up with the Blitzkrieg
c) Hitler’s forward commander in charge of overseeing the concentration camps
d) The inventor of nuclear energy and the hydrogen bomb

Who was the leader of the communist revolution of Vietnam?
a) Fidel Castro
b) Ho Chi Minh
c) Ngyugen Singh
d) Srinh Cung

When did the United States finally pull troops out of Vietnam?
a) 1973
b) 1956
c) 1962
d) 1975

Why did the United States become involved in the Vietnam War?
a) Viet-Cong assassinated sitting president, Eisenhower.
b) The US wanted to support their allies, and protect them against the spread of communism.
c) The alliances that the US were involved in forced them to get involved.
d) The US wanted to help spread communism and supported the communist revolution there.

How did the American public respond to the Cuban missile crisis?
a) Support for JFK.
b) Fear of nuclear warfare.
c) A reason to drop an atomic bomb on the Soviets before it happened to them.
d) Protesting JFK’s decisions during the event.

Which part of Korea is still communist today, ran by dictator Kim Jong-Un?
a) North Korea
b) South Korea
c) East Korea
d) West Korea

Khrushchev saw having nuclear weapons in Cuba, as what?
a) A fair and equal opportunity that the US already had.
b) An alliance between two Communist nations.
c) Equal to the United States having has missiles in Turkey.
d) Hoped to increase the nation’s nuclear strike capability.

Who was ExCom?
a) Kennedy’s advisors during the Cuban Missile Crisis
b) Khrushchev's advisors during the Cuban Missile Crisis
c) The Swedish government’s committee that dealt with communication between Cuba and the United States,
d) The communication between US and USSR.

What was the official treaty that ended WWI and made Germany accept blame for starting the war, which was also referred to as the Unequal Treaty by Germans?
a) Treaty of Versailles
b) Treaty of Paris
c) Fourteen Points
d) Twelve Points

The purpose of Jethro Tull’s invention was to drill a seed into the ground and then cover it with dirt. The name of this invention was:
a) Power Lume
b) Steam-Driven Locomotive
c) Seed Drill
d) Water Frame

The Industrial Revolution began in what country?
a) Germany
b) Great Britain
c) France
d) Spain

Eli Whitney invented which of the following:
a) Cotton Gin
b) The internet
c) Seed Drill
d) Power Lume

Which of the following is NOT a reason for Europeans being able to colonize Africa in the 19th century?
a) Technological superiority in weapons.
b) Improvements in medicines, like quinine, that combated diseases like malaria.
c) Disunity among African tribes.
d) African leaders signing over areas to the Europeans at the Berlin Conference.

The event where European nations met to divide Africa, where no African rulers were invited, was known as what?
a) African Conference
b) Congress of Vienna
c) Scramble for Africa
d) Berlin Conference

The cause of the Sepoy Mutiny was mainly due to
a) The British conquering India
b) The Great Game
c) The rumor that the British had greased the ammunition with beef and pork fat
d) The Russians had defeated the British in the Crimean War

Choose the term that best fits the following definition: The idea that those who were fittest for survival and success were superior to others in the World.
a) Social Darwinism
b) Inferiority Complex
c) Ethnocentrism
d) Seinfeldian

The process in which a minority group that adopts the customs of a prevailing culture is the definition of what vocabulary term?
a) Paternalism
b) Assimilation
c) Geopolitics
d) Imperialism

Who was the key player during the period of Imperialism who had conquered territories throughout the world, most notable in India and China?
a) Great Britain
b) Spain
c) France
d) America

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