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The idea that communism could be held within a certain policy that the United States supported. What was this idea called?
a) Containment
b) Concealment
c) Commcast
d) Division

The two countries had fundamental differences in types of governments. Identify the two ideologies.
a) Communism and Socialism
b) Capitalism and Communism
c) Capitalism and Fascism
d) Fascism and Communism

Why would someone be sent to the gulags?
a) Crime-petty theft, murder, etc.
b) Being late to work
c) Making a joke or complaining about the government
d) All of the above

Identify what the Great Purge was.
a) Stalin’s disposal of several high ranking officers.
b) Stalin’s campaign designed to rid the Communist party, the military,other parts of society of anyone he considered a threat
c) Stalin’s plan to transform the USSR from a peasant society to an industrial superpower.
d) Stalin’s purge of capitalist members of society.

What were the labor camps that Stalin sent millions of his own people to?
a) Pevias
b) Concentration Camps
c) Pikas
d) Gulags

What were Stalin’s five year plans?
a) A series of plans to transform the USSR from a peasant society to an industrial superpower.
b) Series of plans to transform the USSR from communist to capitalist.
c) Several changes to the government to rid those that were against Stalin.
d) Stalin’s series of plans that would prepare the USSR for WWII.

The Berlin Wall symbolized what?
a) The separation of the East and West Germany
b) The division between the Nazis and the Aryans
c) The division of communist and capitalists
d) The separation of church and state

What were the four zones of Germany after WWII?
a) US, British, Japanese, Germans
b) US, British, French, Soviets
c) US, French, Soviets, Germans
d) US, Japanese, Soviets, French

Identify one of the issues the USSR had with the United States.
a) The United States had been on the opposing side of WWII.
b) The United States had supported Tsar Nicholas during the Russian Revolution.
c) The United States did not treat the USSR as a legitimate nation.
d) All of the above

This doctrine was passed by President Truman in 1947 to counter Soviet geopolitical spread during the Cold War.
a) Marshall Plan
b) Containment
c) Truman Doctrine

This was the United States’ way of aiding those countries to rebuild after WWII and to help stop the spread of communism.
a) Truman Doctrine
b) Containment
c) National Security Act
d) Marshall Plan

The incident occurred when Soviets stopped the ability for the Western powers to supply aid to those inside Berlin.
a) Berlin Airlift
b) Berlin Trade
c) Korean Incident
d) Berlin Wall

Which of the following was an important ally to the Soviet Union under Stalin?
a) China
b) Japan
c) Mexico
d) Canada

Who encouraged the invasion of South Korea by North Korea?
a) Truman
b) JFK
c) Stalin
d) Khruschev

Identify one of the major countries that supported North Korea during the Korean War.
a) China
b) Australia
c) Cuba
d) Germany

Who led the communist revolution in Cuba?
a) Che Guerra
b) Negan Grimes
c) Fidel Castro
d) Raul Castro

Why did the Americans see the alliance between the Soviet Union and Cuba so threatening?
a) Because this was the first solid alliance the Soviet Union had since WWII ended.
b) Cuba was the first communist country and alliance to the Soviet Union in the Western hemisphere.
c) Because the Cubans were able to provide resources to the Soviet Union that the Americans did not have.
d) Cuba was able to provide entail to the Soviets on Americans and their advancements in the Cold War.

The invasion into Cuba by exiles supported by the US that would ultimately become a failure, is known as:
a) Bay of Pigs
b) Bay of Havana
c) B-26 invasion
d) Cuban Crisis

What did Attorney General Robert Kennedy negotiate with to get Cuban exiles out of prison?
a) $53 million dollars
b) An atomic bomb
c) Baby food and medicine
d) Oil and other natural resources

Identify what was photographed in Cuba on October 14, 1962.
a) JFK kissing Marilyn Monroe
b) Medium range missile being assembled in Cuba.
c) Stalin’s assassination
d) The Soviets providing atomic warfare to the Cuban government.

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