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Which isn't part of the human genome?
a) Human Genome Project
b) Base order
c) Supercoil (helical fiber)
d) Histones

What does the Human Genome Project do?
a) Discover organisms' nucleotide sequences
b) Determine intron/exon
c) Define each polypeptide's function
d) All of the above

What happens in nondisjunction?
a) Chromatids didn't separate, resulting in 1 or 3 chromosomes
b) Cancer cells spread
c) Males inherit sex-linked genes
d) 2 genes for a dominant disease are inherited together

-- is when 2 chromosomes switch locations
a) Duplication
b) Deletion
c) Inversion
d) Translocation

-- is when part of a chromosome jumps onto another chromosome
a) Duplication
b) Deletion
c) Inversion
d) Translocation

-- is when certain genes jump to a new location, chromosome, or even in the middle of a prior gene
a) Transposon
b) Translocation
c) Inversion
d) Deletion

-- disorders are often spread by silent carriers
a) Recessive
b) Dominant
c) Sex-linked
d) Pedigree

Males only need 1 gene to inherit a -- disorder from their mother
a) Sex-linked
b) Recessive
c) Dominant
d) Pedigree

Mutations to -- turns the cell into a overactive oncogene, which leads to mutations to -- and --
a) growth factors, tumor-suppressor genes, cancer
b) tumor-suppressor genes, growth factors, cancer
c) cancer, tumor-suppressor genes, growth factors
d) cancer, growth factors, tumor-suppressor genes

Cancer is not --
a) inherited
b) a genetic disease
c) due to changes in DNA
d) due to genetic mutations

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